Electric Mosquito Light

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Photocatalyst Mosquito Light

Professional Mosquito Light Killer

Banish those bothersome mosquitoes with our professional mosquito trap tube. Opt for our ULTRA VIOLET mosquito light for enhanced, three-dimensional attraction. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings, this bug zapper light ensures long-lasting protection.

Advanced Mosquito Zapper with Simulated Breath

Powered by the latest generation chip, our mosquito killer lamp uses thermal energy to mimic human body heat and movement. This innovative approach ensures effective mosquito attraction, making it a must-have for both indoor and outdoor environments.

3D Biomimetic Mosquito Lamp

Dive into the next level of mosquito control with our upgraded mosquito lamp. By releasing a scent similar to human sweat, which mosquitoes find irresistible, we've enhanced the mosquito attraction effect. Whether you're indoors or outdoors, this bug zapper light offers unparalleled protection.

Human Breath Simulation Electric Bug Zapper

Our mosquito zapper stands out by replicating the CO2 scent that mosquitoes associate with human respiration. This unique feature makes it even more enticing than a baby's breath, ensuring your indoor and outdoor spaces remain mosquito-free.

Revolutionize Your Fight Against Mosquitoes with the Advanced Mosquito Repellent Lamp!

With our mosquito killer lamp, celebrated by numerous contented customers, enjoy unmatched protection from pesky mosquitoes. Made from top-tier materials, this mosquito light promises enduring and effective defense. The blend of its contemporary design and potent electric bug zapper technology ensures consistent mosquito control. Say goodbye to sleepless nights and embrace serene, mosquito-free evenings, whether indoor or outdoor. The mosquito zapper light stands as your ultimate shield, letting you cherish moments without any pesky interruptions.

Natural Mosquito Light Attraction

Our mosquito killer lamp harnesses natural attractants, emitting carbon dioxide and mimicking human breath for optimal mosquito allure. Whether placed indoor or outdoor, this mosquito light ensures a significant reduction in pesky intruders.

Instant Electric Bug Zapper Elimination

Experience the power of our bug zapper light, equipped with a SUS Nickel-Plated stainless steel grid. Once mosquitoes approach, they’re met with an 800V voltage release, ensuring immediate and effective elimination. Perfect as both an indoor and outdoor mosquito zapper, it’s your shield against unwanted pests.

Enhanced with a 78-array electric grid, it increases the electric shock coverage by 99%, ensuring no mosquito escapes its effect.

Reject harmful chemicals – opt for a purely physical mosquito solution, tailored especially for families with expectant mothers and infants.

Using biomimetic light waves and diverse frequencies, it attracts both female and male mosquitoes effectively.

The 360° enclosed protection design enhances safety, letting inquisitive little ones investigate without concerns.

Running quietly at 40db, it remains unnoticed by mosquitoes, ensuring peaceful mosquito elimination without disrupting rest.

Light up, protect, and relish mosquito-free times with our Mosquito Repellent Lamp! Deploy it in your living space, backyard, terrace, or camping spot for a barrier against annoying mosquitoes. Enjoy serene moments and undisturbed leisure, confident in your protection. Be it inside or outside, during BBQs, picnics, or family events, our Mosquito Repellent Lamp stands by you wherever your adventures lead!


A Photocatalyst Mosquito Light is a device designed to attract and eliminate mosquitoes and other flying insects using a combination of light and photocatalytic technology.
The Photocatalyst Mosquito Light emits a special wavelength of light that attracts insects. Once the insects come near the light, the photocatalytic technology creates a reaction that produces carbon dioxide and heat, which further attracts the bugs. Finally, an integrated electric grid or trap mechanism zaps or captures the insects, effectively eliminating them.
Yes, the Photocatalyst Mosquito Light is generally safe to use around children and pets. However, it’s always a good idea to read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure safe and proper usage.
The Photocatalyst Mosquito Light can be used both indoors and outdoors. It can be placed in various locations such as bedrooms, living rooms, patios, porches, and camping areas to effectively control flying insects.
Cleaning the Photocatalyst Mosquito Light is typically easy. Most models have a removable tray or compartment at the bottom that collects dead insects. Simply detach the tray, empty it, and clean it with mild soap and water. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper cleaning procedures.
The Photocatalyst Mosquito Light usually requires minimal maintenance. Regularly cleaning the device and replacing any necessary components, such as light bulbs or trapping elements, should be sufficient to keep it functioning effectively.
While the Photocatalyst Mosquito Light can be used during the day, its effectiveness is usually higher during nighttime when flying insects are more active. However, specific models may have features that make them suitable for daytime use as well.


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